personal care body weight loss slimming beauty machine
personal care body weight loss slimming beauty machine
personal care body weight loss slimming beauty machine
personal care body weight loss slimming beauty machine
personal care body weight loss slimming beauty machine
personal care body weight loss slimming beauty machine
personal care body weight loss slimming beauty machine

personal care body weight loss slimming beauty machine

Model NO.:
USD 999.00-1000.00 / piece
Minimum order quantity:
1 piece
Supply Ability:
10000 piece / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Type:Vacuum Cavitation System
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Feature:Weight Loss
  • Certification:CE ISO
  • Brand Name:dailisha
  • Model Number:R5
  • Operation System:Supersonic
  • Name:Weight Loss
  • length:53cm
  • width:48cm
  • height:32cm
  • G.W:9.6KG
  • power:70w
  • voltage:110/220V
  • Function:Slimming
  • Technology:Vacuum Cavitation System

personal care body weight loss slimming beauty machine






























How it works?


The ultrasonic waves in 40KHz is able to cause the so called “cavitation” effect: focus high energy waves creates micro bubbles of vapor inside the adiposities and in the interstitial liquids of cellulite; thanks to the liquid’s alternation of several phase,expansion and compression,the adiposities implodes with the consequent release of water and fat that is going to be metabolized by the liver.



At the same time, the multi-polar RF selectively heats the fat cells in the deep and superficial adipose layers simultaneously. Heating of the fat cells increases their metabolism and forces them to secrete fatty acids (liquid fat) into the surrounding extra-cellular space and on to the blood and lymph system for redistribution in the body.




What is the function of this machine?

1.Strong sound wave cavitation, remove fat cells.

2.Dissolve fat, lymph drainage, tighten skin, enhance the elasticity of the skin.

3.Improve orange peel fat ,body slimming.


A. Fat removal

Use the gathered strong sound waves of the 40000HZ frequency waves, extreme strong vibrating fat cells, and produce countless really air hole inside in fat cells, puissantly hit the fat cells, which make fat cell membranes produce introverted blasting, makes triglycerides decomposed into glycerol and free fatty acid, again by frequency reaches 0.5MHZ rf waves, make the decomposition of glycerin and free fatty acid education body outside through hepatoenteral circulation, finally tightened by power red light and energy electrode positioning blasting, so as to achieve the effect of blasting fat and tightening body.


B. Lymph drainage, skin firming, skin elasticity enhancing

Takes the advantage of the most advanced rf technology and energy radio frequency, has the function of rf output target and can directly reach the fat cells. The fat cells will turn into the fast active state, produce friction heat which will increase the local temperature, Then discharge the body extra fat and toxins from the body through the sweat glands, enterohepatic circulation and lymphatic in order to achieve the effect of fat dissolve.


C. Orange peel removal and body slimming.

Biological wave which is produced by the energy electrodes will stimulate the corresponding acupoint of body, make use of different frequency and pulse, in a variety of physical electronic coordination under the interaction of fat body effective stimulation, let the body move and consume calories and fat, in order to achieve the effect of body slimming.






What is the advantage of this slimming machine?


1.Free operation, non-anaesthetic.

2.No ruggedness.

3.No bleeding, tumidness and bruise.

4.No side effects, good effects, no rebounding phenomenon.

5.Woundless, will not influence the normal working and living.

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Company Information







_06_01.jpgQ1:Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A1:We are factory.

Q2::How long is the warranty good for?
A2:One year warranty.

Q3:What's the delivery time?
A3:3-5 workdays against 100% payment in advance.

Q4:What should I do if I don't know how to use the machine?
A4:We have operation video and user manual for your reference,and also we provide you
24 hours on line service.

Q5:Can we print my Logo on the products?
A5:Yes,we can.We support OEM.

Q6:Do you have any timely technology supports?
A6:We have a professional techbology supporting team for you timely services We
prepare the technical documents for you.also you can contact us by,
online chat.

Q7:What's the payment method?

Q8:Whats package?
A8:Strong and beautiful aluminum alloy case /carton case/wooden case.












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